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Instructions & Templates

Dear authors,

Please, read the general information about the Forum proceedings before preparing your submission. Pay attention that when submitting forum paper you do not need to submit the abstract (and vice versa).

Once you start to work on your submission, please, follow the next instructions:

  • All abstracts and forum paper manuscripts should be prepared in English.
  • Size of the forum paper should be 4 full A4 pages. Size of the abstract should be from 1 to 3 pages.
  • The forum papers should be prepared according to IEEE Proceedings format. Please use this Paper Template when preparing your manuscript.
  • The abstracts should be prepared according to this Abstract Template.
  • After preparing abstract or forum paper manuscript in DOC format, please, use the IEEE PDF eXpress site to convert it to PDF file:
    • Log in to the IEEE PDF eXpress site (create an account if you do not have one yet) and use 39123X as the Conference ID.
    • Convert your final DOC file into PDF format.
  • The authors of forum papers are requested to download and sign the   IEEE Copyright Form (one form per forum paper, not per author).
  • After logging in to the YSF site use the left menu "Submission" link to get the uploading page. Submit your forum paper manuscript and copyright form or your abstract.
  • Note that if you need to make corrections in your submission, you do not need to re-submit your materials. Just use the "Edit submission" button after logging in instead.

Recent News

Notifications of acceptance and comments are being sent out.
Please, pay attantion that the deadline for the travel grant application is approaching.

Important Dates

1 March 2016
Registration opening

15 March 2016
Submission opening

30 June 2016
Deadline for on-line registration and paper submission

22 July 2016
Extended deadline for on-line registration and abstract/paper submission

31 July 2016
Final deadline!

27 Aug 2016
Notification of acceptance

11 Sept 2016
Deadline for the travel grant application

12 Sept 2016
Deadline for submission of final papers

10-14 Oct 2016
Forum dates


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