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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the difference between Abstract and Forum Paper?
Both abstracts and forum papers are materials of the forum. All forum proceedings will be published on CDs. However, only forum papers, as the conference proceedings that meet IEEE quality standards, will be published in IEEE Xplore Digital Library and indexed by the scientific databases like Scopus, Web of Science, Google Scolar, thus being available to larger audience comparing to abstracts. The guidelines for preparing your submission you can find here.
I have several co-authors, who should sign the IEEE copyright form? All of the authors or only me?
The signature of one representative author is enough.
I need an official invitation to participate in the Forum. What should I do?
Just write an e-mail with such request to our secretary , including your name, affiliation, position, address and the title of your contribution.
Can I present my work in form of a poster?
No, we want young scientists to practice presentational skills, so only oral presentation is possible. You do not need to worry though, the audience is very friendly.
What are the requirements for presentations?
It should be 15-min long, in .ppt or .pdf format, preferably in English. To respect the equality of all the speakers, note that a 15-minute talk should last no longer than 12 minutes with 3 minutes allocated to questions. Please make sure to bring a copy of your presentation on a USB memory stick and be ready to upload it 15 minutes ahead of the start of your session. Forum Staff will assist you. These videos might help you to prepare your talk: short and long, but probably more useful. The best presentations will receive awards ;)
I have sent you my contribution, but I will not be able to present it at the conference, how can I get the proceedings?
We need to stick to the no-show policy of IEEE. It means that your contribution will be submitted for inclusion into IEEE Xplore Digital Library only if you personally present the work. We do not consider distant attendance. The proceedings will be given to participants at the registration desk with the participant's bag.

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1 March 2016
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