11th Kharkiv Young Scientists Conference on radiophysics, electronics, photonics and biophysics
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Conference Topics

Scientific programme of the Conference includes oral and poster presentations on the following topics:

  1. Optics and Photonics
    • physics of advanced and novel lasers (solid, gas, chemical etc.)
    • active media for lasers
    • laser resonators
    • optical waveguides and optical beam propagation
    • nonlinear and high-speed optics
    • quantum optics (quantum states,information and chaos)
    • organic coherent optics
    • application of lasers in modern technologies (optical communication, range finders, laser weapon etc.)
    • laser spectroscopy
    • interaction of laser beam with microobjects
    • holography
    • lasers in medicine (therapy,diagnostics and surgery)
    • optical measurement and instrumentation
  2. Computational and experimental electromagnetics
    • antennas (reflectors, lens, printed, etc.)
    • antenna arrays
    • resonators (open, closed, passive, active)
    • waveguides (metallic, dielectric, planar, etc.)
    • gratings and frequency-selective surfaces
    • decelerating systems
    • quasioptical systems
    • passive devices (filters, splitters, phase shifters, etc.)
    • methods of analysis (analytical and numerical)
    • methods of optimization
    • measurements
  3. Biophysics
    • molecular biophysics
    • applied biophysics
    • cell biophysics
    • molecular modelling
    • cryobiophysics
    • nanobiophysics
  4. Microwave and terahertz electronics
    • fast wave devices
    • slow wave devices
    • microwave/RF plasma interaction
    • vacuum and semiconductor microelectronics
    • microwave systems
    • X-ray and Terahertz radiation sources
    • charged particle beams and sources
  5. Geoscience and remote sensing
    • radiowave propagation
    • satellite navigation
    • synthetic aperture radars (SAR)
    • processing of radar signals and images
    • passive radars
    • scattering models
  6. Nano- and metamaterials
    • photonic/electromagnetic crystals
    • negative index materials
    • planar metamaterial structures, meta-surfaces
    • chiral structures
    • granular, layered nanostructures and nanotubes
    • superconductor materials
    • liquid crystals
    • nonlinear materials
    • experimental studies and characterization of metamaterials
    • analytical and numerical modelling of metamaterials
    • application of metamaterials in microwave, THz and optical ranges
  7. Solid-state radiophysics
    • solid-state plasma
    • electromagnetic wave propagation and interaction
    • acoustic waves
    • surface waves
    • nonlinear electromagnetic properties of solid-state structures
    • quantum phenomena
    • electron transport
Important Dates

25 Sep 2011
Deadline for on-line registration and paper submission

10 Oct 2011
Extended deadline for paper submission

31 Oct 2011
Paper acceptance notification

28 Nov - 2 Dec 2011
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